Request: archive immediately on a complete goal

Right now I have a completed goal that is in the process of being archived - but since it is a completed goal I can’t do anything with it (including moving it to the backburner) and it just sits there at the top of the list of goals.

As somebody who is used to glancing at the top of my goals to see what I must do, this is really annoying.

Can you make it so that completed goals can be archived right away?


Frontburner/backburner isn’t affected by the goal being complete or not. In your website goal gallery, if you hover over a thumbnail graph, a little + or should appear in the top right corner. Clicking that once should move it to the other ‘burner’.

Leastwise it still works for me on finished goals. If it doesn’t for you, we’ve got a bug!

I’m sure that @tomjen knows the mechanism, my deliberate verbosity is in hope of aiding of future searchers…


FWIW this is the same feature request as


+1 Usually I wouldn’t necro a thread, but it seems bugging you guys works if we want to see something changed!


Yes indeed! Tagging this as a #XUVI idea.

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In the past, completed goals could be archived immediately. I wonder why the bee folks changed that.

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If it’s not working any more, that’s an accidental breakage.

Re-tagging as #UVI

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