Pop-up for archiving is very misleading


I wouldn’t normally complain about this but since the pop-up is new I think it ought to tell the truth:

I am off the hook for this goal on 9/23. I wish that completed goals could instantly archive, but since they don’t I am trying to get better about remembering to archive within a week of the goal end. But this warning message is just plain wrong!


completed goal instaarchive completed goal instaarchive completed goal instaarchive


There is pretty much no excuse for not having this feature already, it is (or should be) a single if statement.

I can see it might be more complicated if you have e.g a do more goal with more than a weeks worth of safety buffer, but at least the simple case should work.

I think something has gotten worse because now this goal won’t archive at all:

It says it should “Archive in: now!” but doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

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Oh, there’s a worker who does the rounds and cleans these things up after the fact. Never seemed particularly important to have it be instantaneous (it’s scheduled to run every 30 or 60 minutes, I forget), because it was happening sometime in the future, not right now. Now that there are cases where it ought to be happening instantly, I guess I should do something to make it a bit snappier.


I don’t think there actually are – it still takes 7 days to archive. The instant archive is just a feature request.

In any case, my goal did end up archived now. :slight_smile:

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(let us know if it doesn’t work properly)


Or change the text to read ‘archiving real soon now…