Request: Calories spent on exercise, via Garmin?

On adding a goal via Garmin, I can choose steps, sleep, total distance and total time. Any chance of adding calories as an option?
I’d like to set a goal for calories spent on exercise.

cc @bee ? :slight_smile:


Thanks for proposing this. We’re now rushing to get IFTTT and Misfit launched but keep bugging us about calorie tracking in Garmin. (Others reading this, click the heart on @apolyton’s suggestion!)

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Kind reminder on this one now that IFTTT is out of the door :slight_smile:

Also a reminder to @bee on my Garmin steps-tracking mess :blush:

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Ping! @bee :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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For anyone looking into this in the future, I’ve managed to do it via RunKeeper.

  1. Add a RK goal with calories unit
  2. Add a Garmin/RunKeeper automatic sync via the most excellent
  3. Garmin syncs everything to RK, and RK to Beeminder.

The end result is here

Note: RK will recognise all kinds of activities that you can have in a Garmin watch but I’m not how sure things outside of walk/run/cycle/swim will end up in Beeminder (Garmin allows you to categorise activities in various sports, like hiking, golf, etc)

cc @bee, @dreev


Smart workaround! Thanks so much for posting this (and for pinging us about the feature before finding the workaround – we need that!). I still think this is worth supporting directly but I guess realistically the existence of this workaround downgrades the priority. Holler if you disagree!

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@dreev not a priority for me any more :slight_smile:
You might want to do some sort of combined table of all services with what kind of data you can monitor through, it might help some people.

As for other Garmin stuff, it would be great if there was a fix for getting step data right from their API (see discussion over e-mail). Surely there must be a proper way on their API to get step data, for example MFP syncs with Garmin and gets the number correctly.

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@dreev my RunKeeper setup is acting up, so it would be nice (it’s been two years :p) if calories could be added in the Garmin options :slight_smile:

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I’m waiting for this feature too. Carmin has more staff that can be used in Beeminder! Not just steps. Please add calories!