Request next-day deadline after 6am

Right now I have a goal to get out of bed at most 3 minutes after my alarm goes of, to prevent me from staying under the nice warm blanket and just waste time on the internets.

The problem is right now is that I have to remember in the morning if it was a day-before-eep-day the day before (essentially morning me has to remember that the goal would derail on a saturday and yesterday it was friday. Morning me is not always that good at mental arithmetic) and whereas on an eep day I would keep getting notifications through the day, on non-eep days I don’t, so by the time I go to bed I am likely to have forgotten.

Ideally I would be able to set a late night deadline for, say 10 am the following day, and my panic threshold so that I would start to get notifications around 8pm. This would mean I have a better chance of remembering if today is truly an eep day or not. The 10 am is to give me time to enter the goal point on weekends (where my alarm goes of later), 6am is just barely enough on weekdays but I don’t want to derail because I didn’t have the time to enter a goal point.

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What about an earlybird deadline of 10am (currently they can’t be earlier than noon but that will change)? Assuming also that you can set zeno polling to start as much as 24 hours before the deadline.

Cf section 2 of the spec.

That could work. Arguably it might be technically more correct.

On a more general note I don’t see much reason to not allow earlybird deadlines to overlap with night owl deadlines though. Isn’t it all calculated as an offset from midnight?


Yeah, I just think it might mitigate confusion if they don’t overlap. But if anyone has a strong case for an earlybird deadline earlier than, or a night owl deadline later than, say, 9am, we’re listening.

earlybirds who want to beemind waking up by #am is the most obvious use case, i think. 6am is entirely too early (for me, maybe not other people), but 9-10 is too late to be useful (also for me, i think for many others as well).

i’m kind of lost on why a “night owl” deadline would be used to beemind waking up. should obviously be an early bird approach!


Great points. So, yeah, what if earlybird deadlines can be as early as 6am and night owl deadlines can be as late as 5:59am?

Counterpoint: you have to do a hand-in by 9am.

Also there are those who have to get up by 5am, to be at work/whatever by 6.30 (not that uncommon if you work in the trades).

I still think overlaps should be allowed (or rather have to be allowed). Deadlines are already in the terrifyingly advanced section anyway and if you want them to you could make it a drop down box such as (example) 15 hours before midnight (9am), 4 hours after midnight (4am), etc. That should clear up most of the confusion - in addition all goals have a live count down timer anyways so when a particular goal ends should be pretty simple to see (assuming you can remember it).

@chelsea is obviously right about this goal though.


night-owl 6-10am would be very useful for something i want to do right before bed but not open a screen and add data til next morning! (maybe reading, meditation, journaling.)

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We may well want to avoid overlap between so-late-it’s-next-morning night-owl deadlines and so-early-it’s-still-night earlybird deadlines. I’m thinking about ordering goals by urgency. Might be confusing if one of my goals due tomorrow (an early earlybird one) is actually due sooner than one of my goals due today (a late night-owl one).

But if we decide that’s not an issue then it sounds like night-owl deadlines should be allowed as late as 10am or even noon, for the case of entering data for last night when you wake up the next morning? (Not sure how I feel about that though – it’s a recipe for forgetting to enter. I think it’s cleaner if the deadline to do something and the deadline to enter it are the same.)

But if @chelsea’s sure she’d like a 10am night-owl deadline… What about a compromise of 9am for both earlybirds and night owls? Any earlybirds certain they need something earlier? Note that if you already have a real-world deadline of showing up at work by 9am and want to force yourself to go running before work then a 9am deadline is fine for you. (Unless you procrastinate on starting the run and keep making yourself late for work, I suppose.)

I would like the deadline to still be 10 so that I am sure I could get up and type the data in - normally I use my phone, but still - but I could make that work by making in an night-owl goal (slightly less technically correct). My goal is set up so that I track getting out of bed when the alarm clock goes of so if it is saturday the alarm clock goes of later than if it is a monday and setting it to go of at 9am with a deadline of 9am is a bit too tight.

I can see that it could be confusing if a goal has a deadline of tomorrow but is displayed earlier than the late night goal for today but: a) you only get that if you mess around in the terrifyingly advanced settings and b) that can be solved by displaying a live countdown to when the goals derail (which is the correct thing to do anyways, since that is the information I need) rather than - or together with - the time it will happen.

That said it is not that hard to go from non overlapping deadlines to overlapping deadlines, but it is hard to go the other way.