Can not set the hour time of a reminder after the deadline time.

I have a goal of not eating during the night and have set up a report deadline time to 09:00am. I discovered that I can’t set up reminder time to be outside of 00:01am - 08:59am range, even when I put positive lead days. In case I try, the site refreshes without changing the reminder time and the following bar appears at the top:

For example, I have Lead Days: 1, Deadline: 09:00am, and setting reminder to 17:00 (or 05:00pm) triggers this bar on update.


Did you manage to get this fixed? I also have this problem - I have a goal to get up when my alarm goes off, so ideally I’d like the reminder just before I go to bed, and the deadline sometime in the morning.

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As much as it’d be nice to have a general solution that fixes this… I think that anybody wanting to be reminded to enter data on a daily goal at a certain time would be better off, um, setting a reminder. i.e. in a reminder or clock or calendar app, rather than trying to get Beeminder to do this.

The other reason that I like this out-of-band solution is that I don’t want a gazillion reminders to enter data on each of my gazillion goals. One scheduled reminder to enter today’s data will be quite enough.

The special case where Beeminder excels is in sending zeno notifications on emergency days.

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Hm, I see what you mean - but I only really want the reminder if it’s an emergency day. Actually that’s the problem - it’s an emergency night, not an emergency day.

I do love the Zeno polling on other goals :slight_smile:


You could make an IFTTT rule using the “N days of safety buffer for a specific goal” Beeminder trigger to set a reminder for the night before an emergency day (the reminder could be set for right before you go to bed via a to-do list task, calendar event, etc.).


strongly in favor!! fixing this issue would also finally give us the perfect solution to the frequently-requested “wake up on time” goal: the first reminder in the evening reminds you to go to bed on time, and then zeno reminders as your deadline nears in the morning can serve as your backup alarm!!

(although you’d probably need to set do not disturb mode on your phone overnight so a 3am reminder doesn’t mess up that whole plan :smile:)


I’ve just encountered this bug, and discussed it with @dreev and @bee on a support email thread. I think that setting a deadline in the morning and asking for a reminder the night before is a very reasonable user pattern, and this bug is worth fixing.

As long as lead days >=1, I believe that Beeminder should accept reminder times that are later in the day than the deadline time. Functionally, there should be no difference between a reminder at 10pm for a 9am deadline vs a reminder at 10am for a 9pm deadline. Implementation-wise, I’m sure it’s a little more complicated though :sweat_smile: