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Integrating RescueTime with Beeminder

I am a freelance writer specializing in tools that support remote learning for school students forced to learn from home by the pandemic. One of the most common complaints parents have is that the unexpected thrust into remote learning leaves them at a loss for how to monitor their child’s on-line work habits. In one case, a 5th grader went several weeks without submitting assignments before the parent got a call from the teacher. When asked about this, the child first insisted he had submitted them. Upon further questioning, he claimed he was not aware that he had any homework. Parents are struggling so I am testing the feasibility of Using Rescuetime to monitor the student’s time on-line and having RT report goal data to Beemnder. In turn, Beeminder could send status reports to parents and/or teachers for follow-up. I would appreciate any suggestions/tips y’all may have on this topic.


Looking into it, it seems that RescueTime is really just meant for personal use. They have use case stories for students and teachers–but university students, specifically.

There is RescueTime for Teams which might work, but it’s very pricey. I’m also worried about privacy issues.

Here’s a list of time tracking software specifically for educational institutions, though none of them have Beeminder integration.

Thanks Brennan,
You raise some very important points. Regarding the “personal use” issue, I was thinking that a parent could install it on their child’s computer to be used during remote learning times at home. The New Normal seems to point toward hybrid school sessions: one or two days in the classroom and three or four days working on-line from home. This allows schools to practice social distancing guidelines without having to expand facilities. Students would attend class on alternate days. Also working parents with teenagers could go to work with less concern about their stay-at-home kids by monitoring their daily progress using a combo of Rescuetime and Beeminder. Failing to meet goals = loss of gaming apps. cell phone etc. This is based on the approach President Reagan used with the USSR for Treaty Agreements: TRUST BUT VERIFY… The Beemionder approach supports this in a way that teaches personal responsibility rather than getting results by force.

Joe Z.