Retrorachet after derailment broke my goal

Yesterday I derailed on a goal and got a one week flat spot after the auto recommit. This morning I wanted to get rid of some of the safety buffer, so I retroratcheted my goal to leave me with 5 days of safety buffer. This somehow broke my goal. I now see the following:

Hi there! I’ve fixed this problem from the email you sent about it.


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Did you just fix my goal or the underlying issue that caused the problem in the first place?

If you just fixed my goal, then there is probably still some bug somewhere upon which other users may trip on.


yup, can confirm it’s been trippin’ a bit more frequently lately. the fix is still tbd, but the bug is definitely known - we actually get emails straight to the inbox every time that error pops up on anybody’s goal, so we can jump in and fix it as soon as we see.

still bad, though. need to root-cause it and get rid of it already!


I had the same today, and though it’s fixed now (presumably manually), I just came to look here, and was surprised to see a familiar face. Hi, Alys!


@bee thinks she fixed this today! Let us know if you see it happen again!