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Revamped Reminders

Can we get iOS notifications for the revamped reminders instead of mails?

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Please re-add the time of the next check-in to the zeno polling mails!

If I know the time of the next check-in, when I’ve done my work and after that time has past no new mail has been sent, I know that BM has picked up the latest datapoint. Then I can put it off my mind and don’t need to do any manual checking or syncing.


As a I said before the revamped reminders will be more useful if they are delivered via your mobile app (IOS or Android) They arrive faster and are more visible than any mail which I guess many of us are not checking that constantly. That will be a great addition in a next iteration.


The android app already supports this and I believe adding it to the IOS app is going to happen soon.

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I had not thought of that use case. I always obsessively refresh the web site or the Android app. But I’m sold. Planning to put this back in. #XUVI

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Finally did this tonight!


Dear @bee, with this most recent change, I suggest checking if nothing has been broken recently in terms of zeno-polling. I am currently being zeno-polled vigorously on a goal where I have had “-1” in the settings, which, if I have understood it correctly, should save my mailbox from zeno-polling :slight_smile:
(A most apparent case when “no thanks” I don’t want zeno polling is a non-undoable do-less goal. I am not often in the red on this goal, so I can’t really bring evidence whether it is a recent case or not)

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thanks for the heads up! I’ll see what I can figure out. Tentative theory: being in the red == zeno poll, but for a do less goal really maybe shouldn’t since you can’t undo… hm… might need to do some philosophizing in order to properly correct it! :\

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