Updated your reminder settings

The pigeons who nested in the attic last year have returned. Their coos and cries leave no doubt about that. You awake from your slumber and after a brief glimpse on the clock you return back to the land of dreams. But not for long…

…After being bombarded with a cacophony of crying Beeminder goals at 9:30¹ for the how many-th time you decide to do something about this. Not quite awake yet you sit down in front of your computer, close all the tabs you left open last night when you so suddenly passed out and open the reminders page of Beeminder. You enter more or less arbitrary values for the start times of the alerts and wonder if the lead days will take fractional values or maybe even arbitrary arithmetic expressions. You don’t know why you just thought of that. That’s silly. Though it would not be the first thing that surprised you about Beeminder. But back to adjusting the start times you say to yourself.

Not much later you hit the button to save the settings and after the big green confirmation banner has disappeared you click the link to the forum to see if there’s anything new. No, there is not, you realise and click the back button. Which brings you to this:

The banner is back, just as green as it was before. It tells you it updated your settings. Again. You wonder if anything broke. No, it looks alright. Weird. Time for coffee.

¹ They don’t actually cry at 9:30 but a few minutes later at about 9:36 despite being set to 9:30

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