Road editor is broken

Got same error on multiple goals.




It’s fixed, at least for me. Could you try too?


Looks like things are back to normal! :smiley:


Coincidence? :upside_down_face:


Ha, not at all a coincidence. :slight_smile: The last beemail tells part of the story (reproduced below) and the rest of the story is that we made a special parameter “offparis” so that if we had to emergency-revert (we didn’t!) we would only have to revert the ruby-on-rails code and beebrain would magically adapt and do the right thing either way.

Oh yeah, and then the road editor breaking was because we forgot to deploy the new version of Beebrain to so when the new version of the Rails code used “offparis”, the old version of Beebrain at didn’t know what that was and complained.

And now you know the rest of the story…

Hi from Paris! We arrived yesterday and obviously failed to preplan but are now planning a tiny informal Beeminder meetup this week. See

For those of you who aren’t now busy booking a last-minute Paris trip, we had an exciting last couple days deploying code in airports. I mentioned the other day in a daily beemail that we were “pretty much ready to deploy … a change to derail/rerail behavior” but were waiting for Mary Renaud, who was integral in figuring it all out, to return. We then proceeded to accidentally deploy part of it with no vetting at all. Of course it was buggy so we then scrambled to fix it right before boarding a transatlantic flight with no wifi. Fun times! (We debriefed Adam Wolf on doing an emergency revert in case worse bugs were discovered while Bee and I were hurtling through the upper atmosphere. Also Bee would like to add that it’s super embarrassing that we did this and objects to my cavalier characterization!)

So what actually changed? Until the other day, when you derailed at the end of a beemergency day, the road would jump to where the datapoint was on the post-eep day. Now we rerail you by jumping the road to the datapoint on the eep day. One thing this means is you can now ratchet to zero safety buffer any time, including the day after a derailment. Yay! (You should also be able to choose zero as your standard amount of mercy after derailing, except the UI won’t let you yet, so holler if you’re impatient for that and we’ll make that theoretically trivial change in between climbing the Eiffel tower and going to the Louvre and such.)

The more visually obvious effect of this is that derailments are no longer indicated by red datapoints. We added the red triangle derailment markers some time ago in anticipation of this.

Stage 2 of this change will be the test for derailment. So far it’s been “yesterday and today both in the red” and is about to change to “yesterday was red”. What that change will mean is:

  1. No more do-less loophole (don’t ask – we still need to figure out how to transition everyone who’s been depending on exploiting/abusing this but if you don’t know what I mean, consider yourself lucky!)

  2. Slightly less ability to eke back on the road if you miss your deadline but enter the data before Beeminder’s gotten around to regenerating your graph for the new day. This will actually continue to work if you enter the datapoint for what’s-now-yesterday, but if you enter it for what’s-now-today and allow what’s-now-yesterday to end up red, you’ll derail. As you should’ve anyway. I mean, you certainly shouldn’t count on any window between your deadline and Beeminder regenerating your graph. That only happens during popular times like midnight New York time.

Definitely holler if you notice bugs or confusion related to any of this, or just to let us know you like it or are chomping at the bit for the rest of the changes.

PS: Lots of fun stuff that the weekly folks have missed lately, including the likelihood of us killing deadline snoozing and a few other deployed changes you can see on the changelog. And some fun straw polls. One STRAW POLL to repeat: What kinds of offline support do you use to remember / cue up Beeminder goals? Prototypical example perhaps being an alarm clock.