is broken

It seems to be failing to load any data about my goals besides their names.

Ah, thanks for reporting this! I’m failing to reproduce it so far. Everything working fine for you on Beeminder proper? (I’m just casting in the dark for a hint at this point!)

Yes, beeminder proper is working fine for me.

Just checked the web console and here’s what it says:

SyntaxError: invalid identity escape in regular expression beebrain.js:1:10
user = bluetulip client.js:3:9
bgraph(1):show(), road is empty! bgraph.js:4989:17

The goal list dropdown is correctly populated but all the goals I’ve looked at look like this.

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Ah, thanks! This may be enough to go on but one other thing to try in the meantime is whether it works in other browsers. Thanks again for the bug report! (Want more stickers?)

Update: A recent change with hashtags – – seems to have broken the road editor in Firefox!

Notes for ourselves (thanks to @saranli) for fixing this

We think this is fixed now! Can you confirm, @bluetulip?


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