Save buttons on reminders/defaults page are confusing

The save buttons on the page where one can configure Beemail Settings, Default Goal Settings, and Bot reminders are a bit confusing.

There are three separate save buttons:

  • The first is called “update beemail”

  • The second is called “update defaults”

  • The third is called “save all the changes”

I changed the pledge cap for my derailment defaults and then clicked the “save all the changes” button, expecting, as the name of the button implies, that this would save all the changes. However, the “save all the changes” button only seems to save the changes made in the bot reminders section of the configuration page. So I should have clicked the “update defaults” button when changing the pledge cap. This was not obvious to me and I did not figure it out immediately.

I’m not sure what the best solution would be to improve the usability. Perhaps the settings page should be split into three separate pages, each with a single button. Or perhaps you can keep all settings in a single page, but just have a single save button. Or maybe you could gray out the save buttons and only make them active again once something that would be saved by the button has actually been changed.


Good call, and thank you so much for the bug report (or UI design problem report). Hopefully it will be an easy #UVI to at least gray out the submit buttons as you suggest. If not we’ll want to rethink that form.