scan a QR-barcode

I’ve tried to start the habit of getting up early in the morning, without success.
I’m looking for a system where I need to scan a QR-barcode/ or take a picture of a specific item, before a certain time in the morning, and if not done, I’ll lose some money.

I’ve used an app called “I can’t wake up”, where it’s not possible to turn off the alarm, both prior and during the alarm going off. However, if I wake up prior to the alarm-app set time, I can still turn off the phone itself (yes, I’m a weak human being), thereby sleeping until my wife’s alarm wakes us both up.
I’ve been looking at your app, but it doesn’t look like it’s possible to get it to work without me finding a way to weasel myself out of it by finding a loophole.
Can you help me?


First, I’ll add that, if you don’t want to DIY this, check out It’s a customizable smart bracelet that can vibrate or shock you awake. It has settings that make it so that the alarm doesn’t turn off until you scan a QR code or do some jumping jacks. I just got one yesterday for exactly this same reason - I’ll let you know how it goes!

If you do want to DIY this, assuming you have an iPhone, you could:

  • Create a do more goal of “wake up early”, that requires +1 every morning by your cut-off time.
  • Create a iOS Shortcut named “wake-up” that adds a data point
  • Encode this url with a QR code generator shortcuts://open-shortcut?name=[wake-up] at (I think this is the right syntax but haven’t tested it - ask ChatGPT, it’s good at iOS!)
  • Print the QR code and post it far away from your bedroom
  • Wake up, scan it.

There is likely a way without iOS shortcuts using an Android automation app or IFTT/Make/Zapier/etc, and I’ll let a more experienced beeminder-er answer to that.

I’ll also point out that NFC tags are really cheap, and you can place them somewhere far away (even outside), forcing you to scan it to invoke the shortcut (there are also NFC automation apps for Android I think).

You might want to leave your phone out of the bedroom. This makes it harder to cheat, and phone time before bed really messes with sleep anyway.


Sleep As Android (paid) has some useful functionality which may be relevant to your use case (if you use Android):

You can set a captcha that must be solved to dismiss the alarm (eg. scan a QR code or NFC tag), which you can place wherever (I have mine outside; nothing like cold winter air or sunlight to wake you up in the morning).

There’s anti cheat options to prevent uninstall and turning off the device.

You can deposit a stake in the app, which is only refundable if you do not cheat (I have not personally tried this, so not sure how well it works). It also offers a Tasker API which you can use to automatically Beemind (though this will rely on not cheating with the data).


Do you have trouble to get to bed in the evening (e.g. bedtime procrastination)? If so, I’d suggest addressing that before addressing the “waking up too late” problem.
Otherwise, NFC with the Tasked app on Android did the trick. (I put it outside the house to force me to walk)


Hi D4hines,
Thank you so much for your input.
I run android.
The Pavlok looks great, especially with the QR-code feature. However, it can be removed without too much effort. And if I wake up before the alarm, I’ll just remove it:-(

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Hi e70bc7aa68,
Thank you for your input.

The app “sleep as Android” is really cool. However, if I wake up before the alarm, I’ll can just shut off the alarm or shut down the phone:-(


Hi Clouedoc,
Thank you for your time.

Seems like I get the result of not turning off the phone or the app, prior to waking, by using an app like Tasker or IFTTT, but I just can’t figure out how to do it? can you guide me?

I run android


If you can connect it to beeminder, shutting off your phone will still put you on the hook; you will have to pay if you don’t wake up by XXam

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No problem :slight_smile:

I don’t understand, do you want to turn off your phone before going to bed, or keeping it on?

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