NFC tag setup to wake up early?

Has anyone used nfc tags to wake up early, as in a data entry is triggered when scanning the nfc tag, if so please let me know how youve done it, IOS

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I haven’t done this, but it should definitely be possible.

I would use the iOS Shortcuts app, and create an Automation which is triggered by tapping an NFC Tag. The simplest would then be to use an “If” block combined with the Beeminder iOS app “Add Data” action to either submit “1” or “0” based on whether you tapped early enough. Alternatively you could use other Shortcuts blocks to calculate and submit the number of minutes after a target time that you tapped.


People have also done something similar via QR-code, launching a URL that adds a datapoint, implying that they’re physically at the place that they posted the tag.

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