Scheduling goals

How do you best schedule Beeminder goals? Some of the goals are such that I intend to do them on the emergency day or close to it. Other goals I am committed to do at least once a week, but it would be nice if multiple emergency days do not end up on the same day. Therefore, I should schedule the task for the following week, trying to spread the goals out to different days.

Is there some tool to help with the scheduling? I would like to synchronize Beeminder goals with the schedule, and it should be easy to move the goals around. There should be some tagging mechanism to choose the scheduled goals.

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There are ways to get your goal to fall on a particular weekday, notably by using the take a break feature to schedule a short flat spot next week so that the following emergency day falls when you want.

But that’s not the same as making Beeminder adhere to an external schedule, and it’s a bit fragile in the face of derailments, weekends off, etc. In short, Beeminder works on averages, not to a schedule. You want something else for that, because it’s a completely different paradigm.

My own approach is to use an external tool, whatever works for you, as your reminder to do the thing on a particular day, with Beeminder as a backstop to ensure that you don’t forget about it or avoid doing it altogether.

If you’re handy with writing code, maybe you could use the charge me money API to trigger a pledge-payment if you don’t tick off, defer, or delete the task in that other system.