I am looking for a techie Beeminder-experienced, one-time coach

Hello everyone,

I am a frequent user of this forum, and a daily Beeminder user, so I am quite experienced here, but last weeks I have had a bad streak on everything - missed goals, few derails, automations not working, no motivation to enter detailed data.

I am looking for a techie Beeminder experienced user coach for a 1h approx. videocall in which we review goals, how can we reframe some to make more sense, how to make sure 99.99% of the time automations will work and how can I create a daily system so I make sure that data is not missed.

I have personally been doing this for nearly a year, but now I think external help would greatly help.

I am a Beemium user and I know that support would help me in some aspects (and Beeminder has the best customer suport ever!) but I think that asking for this would be waaaaay too much.

In return, as a nutrition and dietetics college student (I finish next year!), I could help you with any doubts regarding to your diet, and help you analyze your eating habits. I also speak Spanish and Catalan, so maybe I could help you there, señor! Any other idea? Just tell me.

Maybe this type of “offer” is not allowed in Beeminder or goes against the rules in some sense, in that case, I will take the post down with no problems :slight_smile:

Hope I can find someone :wink:

PD: If you don’t wanna reply in the comments, you can also email me at mmartipeiro@gmail.com. Thanks!


Emailed you. :slight_smile: