"Sense of accomplishment" : We need more numbers

Reading the latest excellent guest post (The Tao of Bees: How I use Beeminder | Beeminder Blog) I happily saw mentioning the important of having a sense of accomplishment while taking daily steps towards your goals.
Currently though, the only way to see our accomplishments is in the chart. It is a great way to give a message (you’re in the green, you’re good), but that all there is.

An example: I have a Duolingo goal of doing 30 points in French every day. I know i’m making progress cause my line on the chart is around where is should be.

  1. I don’t know exactly how my last few days went: the data tab has the total number of XP which at about 32084 don’t really mean much any more after 2.5 years
    Solution: It would be great to see in Statistics tab the progress of the last 7 days with absolute numbers (difference from day to day)
  2. I don’t have any other fun ways to see my progress
    Solution: give us more stats like: average of last 7 days, average of last 30 days, difference between last 7 days and 3/6/12 months, etc. You can crowsource ideas for this from the forum :slight_smile:

thank you


Agreed! I’ve also wished there was some way to have the X-min for the graph automatically set to “some number of days ago (e.g. 7 days ago)”, so the graph is always “zoomed in” on the latest portion.

I liked your idea for some kind of difference or percentage change between the current period and the previous one. That would be really useful!


The “relative x-min” has been previously requested. I suspect it’s gated
right now by graphs-in-the-browser, but that’s just a guess.

In my dreams, there’s a smaller, long-term graph underneath a larger
short-term graph as an option.


you have beeminder-themed dreams as well? :smiley: :smiley:


we need more numbers, made me laugh :slight_smile:


I use my tmin.sh script to automatically update the graph window on most of my goals. Goals that I update daily get one tmin setting, weekly goals get another, etc. All hardcoded in the script, easily changed.


Reminds me of a custom program I use to track my productivity, which has three different customizable x-min views.

It looks like this:


These graphs look awesome :slight_smile:
I keep changing my beeminder graphs from week-scale to month-scale and back every few days… :smiley:

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To take the pain away from doing things like this manually, here’s the script that I use to maintain relative tmin windows on my goals. Very similar code could be used to flip back and forth between different scales.

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Thanks! I think i have a much earlier version of this script which just sets the same min / max values for all goals without any of the categorization you have now.

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