Question about beeminding study hours

Hi guys. I’m a active user of beeminding for some months but now i want to extract more of it and I have a newb question that I can’t find answer to in the forum.

I’m tracking hours of study and my current goal is 5h/day. Is there a way I can display the hours in the graph per day instead of cumulative since day 1? Cuz my real goal is average by day, not X total hours by end of a date. If I could see my history and progress on average per day in the graph that would be great ! I’m using the ‘Do More’ type of goal

Sorry if this question was made before but I did some research and found nothing.

Thanks guys

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Just tilt your head to the left. The road should be your target average and you can see how you’re going compared to it by how far above the line your datapoints are.

I can’t see your goal because you’ve set it to private, but you can set your goal units to per day and set the number to 5 hours to make sure the road is going at the right rate.

As for what your current average is you need to calculate this yourself (= datapoint total/day total)
You can get your datapoint total and day total from the ‘Goal progress’ box if you hover over the yellow bars.

I’m campaigning to get this information added to the stats box so go and heart this thread:


As a slightly less glib answer than “tilt your head to the left”, see this post: