Shiny new blog redesign

We’re planning to (meta)blog about this but I just wanted to make sure y’all have seen it and see if anyone has questions about what we did and why:

This is all thanks to @narthur! :tada:

Also, to make sure we stay on top of any possible regressions, we’re offering a $10 honey money bounty for every bug you report. And also typos, why not? Typos are the worst. :money_mouth_face:

(Currently honey money is equivalent to premium credit but we expect it to soon be more than that. But that’s a topic for another thread.)

I’m not sure if there are so many existing bugs in Beeminder more broadly that we can afford to generalize that bounty. If we limit it to bugs we don’t already know about then definitely, yes, the offer applies!

(Telling us about bugs we do already know about is also hugely valuable for prioritization purposes!)


Repeating here for the record a bug I previously also reported by email:

I see that the RSS feed URL has changed—it used to be, and now it’s This means that anyone who subscribed to the blog using RSS (such as myself) now needs to resubscribe using the new URL, which is unfortunate. Ideally the old feed URL would 301 redirect to the new one so that people wouldn’t have to resubscribe.


Ooh, thank you! On it. And I’ve credited your Beeminder account with $10 of honey money. :tada: :heart:


I think I found a bug :slight_smile:

In the post list, for images with a non-square aspect ratio, when the layout changes to an image on top layout (when the window width is reduced), the actual aspect ratio of the image isn’t respected, so it appears stretched.

(I took some screenshot to illustrate but it seems media upload isn’t supported on the forum, this is visible on the cover image for " What Should Elite Athletes Beemind?")


Ooh, thank you! I think it’s not letting you add screenshots because you’ve only just joined the forum (welcome!). Is this a good illustration of the problem:


Compared to this when you click through to the post:

$10 of honey money credited to your Beeminder account! :tada:

PS: Even bigger thanks to @strickvl for submitting a pull request for an automatic spellchecker and image optimizer! That’s probably the equivalent of dozens of individual typo and bug reports.