Should Beeminder create an IFTTT replacement?

I just got the following email from Das Keyboard about IFTTT, and it made me think of Beeminder:

Over a year ago we decided to deprecate the Q service on IFTTT. The decision was made because we wanted to ensure a great user experience with our Das Keyboard Q applets, without having to rely on a third-party provider. This is why we built the Das Keyboard Q applet marketplace as a replacement, which is open source and many are contributed by our users. The Q applets now cover a great number of use cases from Gmail, Trello, Mojo Helpdesk, ping service, Asana, Twitch, health applets, parcel tracker, weather, stock quotes and more…

At the time we felt strongly that this was the best way forward for your Q keyboard, and IFTTT recently confirmed this feeling when they drastically raised their pricing model, making their service out of reach for us to serve the ever-growing Das Keyboard community.

Only a small subset of all Q users are using IFTTT, and in a few days, the IFTTT / Das Keyboard service will be discontinued. If you are using IFTTT, we recommend using the applets from the Q marketplace located inside the Q desktop application to fill your needs.

So it’s clear that Beeminder’s continuing with IFTTT is not sustainable. I understand Beeminder has a deal set up with them for the next few years, but what about after that?

Should Beeminder in-house this and create its own system? I think that would bee awesome!

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