Beeminder IFTTT channel silently disconnects?


I’ve spent some time debugging why my autodata goal from IFTTT is broken and it looks like the Beeminder channel went dead:

It would be really nice if this sent an email or otherwise notified me. Has anyone else experienced this?


That’s awful. I bet it’s completely invisible from our perspective too. @bee?

Alright it’s happened again. At least I got an email this time:

Beeminder is the only IFTTT channel I have ever seen this with. Can I get an ETA for a fix? Otherwise I will have to switch back to using emails (and then I’ll be wanting the setting that was deleted to not get an email when I submit data via email…)


So, we are seeing error messages about this when your token gets invalidated… Are you not getting error messages from us about your IFTTT trigger/Beeminder connection? because that might be one thing that would be simple to fix. Most IFTTT error messages we are passing on to the user where possible.

As for the underlying problem, it’s been driving me crazy and i’ve got nowhere to go. I’ve seen it happen to my own IFTTT connections if I authorize a second IFTTT account to my same Beeminder account (happens accidentally sometimes when testing). That’s the only lead I’ve got on the cause, so maybe somehow we’re invalidating old tokens when we issue a new one for a source? But then we probably need a way to invalidate old tokens sometimes… Basically i’m kind of stumped.



Oh, yes, I do have multiple IFTTT accounts authenticated to the same Beeminder account. So it is probably the same root cause.

What do you mean? Do you mean in email or somewhere else? The email I screenshotted above is the only notification I’ve gotten.


I’m pretty sure I can confirm that my IFTTT accounts are just alternating between which one is disconnected. It is usually silent but sometimes it sends an email.

Naively I would expect this to be supported. IFTTT certainly supports it for other channels. But if it is something that Beeminder is not going to support I can probably find a way to refactor my two IFTTT accounts into one (probably through the use of even more IFTTT).

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Also, for the record, it is very annoying that whenever a goal gets an IFTTT data point it stops accepting manual data entry. I have to keep going back and choosing “manual” for my IFTTT goals to enter the data points that got dropped.


I was told that after the first time you set a goal back to “manual” it
should stay that way, even if the goal later receives more data points via
IFTTT. Are you seeing a goal repeatedly stop accepting manual entry?


Yes the goal has done it twice now.

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I wonder whether building multiple-IFTTT support into Beeminder would also enable multiple-Gmail support, etc. Or be a decent stepping stone in that direction…

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I only have one IFTTT account and my email alert for the Beeminder channel has not worked, not even once. Most recipes are Beeminder to Beeminder goals and again, some recipes work consistently and others are unreliable.
For the unreliable ones I gave up and switched them to manual :frowning: