Simple and powerful Beeminder goal: "Finish one thing today."

A nice, simple, binary goal: "Finish one thing today.“

(Just found this page on Hacker News.)

"It doesn’t have to be big.
it doesn’t have to be important.
it doesn’t have to be perfect.
It doesn’t have to be revolutionary.
It doesn’t have to be new.
It doesn’t have to have bells and whistles.
It doesn’t have to impress other people.
It doesn’t have to mean anything.
It doesn’t have to change the world.
It doesn’t have follow the latest trends.

		it just needs to be finished."

I use a similar model for my work goal. I have a to-do list; I make sure I mark one thing off every day. It’s easy to “cheat”, but it never is really an issue. I’m miles more productive than I was before without much added stress at all.

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Highly relevant and possibly my favorite Beeminder blog post of all time: The One Must-Do Task Each Day.

And iPhone people should check out GTBee.


Excellent plan! That’s roughly how I’m using HabitRPG. My HabitRPG To-Dos are the milestones of actual progress, and my Beeminder goal enforces ticking them off at regular intervals.

Aside: @alys is the author of our famous mustdo blog post, and it’s thanks to @alys & @alice that we’ve got HabitRPG integration.

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