simpler akrasia horizon

From: Daniel Reeves
Date: Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 16:51
Subject: simpler akrasia horizon

Simplification for the akrasia horizon [1]: No changes ever take
effect in the upcoming week. Want to start working harder now? Just do
it and you’ll get a safety buffer. Make it that much harder in a week
if you don’t want to be able to coast on the safety buffer too long.

I’m trying to clear away all the mental hurdles to taking the plunge
and self-binding. Ideally there are no decisions to make other than,
“yes, I’m akratic about this (here’s my credit card)”. Everything else
happens as you go along, and you trust us to not let you be

Thanks for all the ideas you all have been sending! Feel free to chime
in here as well.

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Thanks everyone!

[1] Recap for those just tuning in: Your akrasia horizon (typically
one week) is the amount of time beyond which you can make decisions
rationally, uninfluenced by immediate consequences (the undue
influence of immediate consequences being the sine qua non of akrasia,
as discussed here: ). Said another
way: the akrasia horizon is the answer to – or an upper bound on the
answer to – the question “what does the ‘immediate’ in ‘immediate
consequences’ mean?” So the actual idea: allow any changes to your
yellow brick road whatsoever at any time except that within the
akrasia horizon you can’t make it any easier. – search://"Daniel Reeves"
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