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Simplest way to beemind simple daily suceed/fail goals


So I have some very simple goals eg Don’t eat any snacks after dinner at night.

Each morning I currently add +1 if I didn’t eat before going to bed.

What is the simplest way to remind me and force a “Yes/No” type response?

I’m kind of thinking that the beeminder app could popup a yes/no dialog at a set time. But wondering if this is already possible in some way I have not noticed.




I don’t think anything exists… yet. Do you use Android or iOS?


I’m on Android (both tablet and phone - would be best if either prompted and the other knew if I had responded already using the other.



I forgot that the Beeminder app widgets do almost exactly what I need (apart from prompting at set times).


I recently switched over to Android and widgets are literally the greatest Beeminder feature ever. I will probably never go back to IOS.