Using a widget to remind me to finish my beeminders.

I have one beeminder called allbeesdone. I checked that one off typically once per day at the end of the day.

I consider a derailed Beeminder as “done”, so I can check off the allbeesdone even if I derailed on every Beeminder. This goal is simply to remind me to wrap everything up at the end of the day, regardless of success or derailment.

In this manner, I always know that I have something I need to check at night, which creates a consistent daily habit.

But I would still miss it from time to time, I’m very absent-minded. But I’ve come up with another solution, I added the Beeminder 1x1 widget to my phone’s home screen!

You can see here that my allbeesdone goal has 10h remaining. Of course, that means that I have some other bees that I need to work on today.

EDIT: This method has a potential problem. If you derail or otherwise get ahead on your allbeesdone goal, then you can think you have nothing to do that day. It would be better if there was a 1x1 widget that indicated your next most critical goal (in terms of days to complete). So you just mentally have to think that it needs to start red every day.


Ah, this is a smart way to get it down to a single 1x1 widget, but if you use the bigger widget you don’t need a separate allbeesdone goal:

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Any way to do this on an iPhone? I don’t see widgets for Beeminder - are there any workarounds? I know there is the widget when swiping to the far-left screen, but that is not terribly useful.