Smiley emoticons are broken on old posts

For example, in this post:

Ones I type now seem to work: :slight_smile:

Apparently the name changed from “slightly_smiling” to “slight_smile” and it broke the old smileys.

(Side note: It bugs me that generic smileys are called “slight”. Slack calls them “simple_smile” which I like a lot better. I know it doesn’t normally matter but if you mouse over them and it says “slight smile” you’re like “what? a ‘slight’ smile? what are you trying to say here??” :slight_smile: )

Attn: @techapj

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Are you sure? If you type :) in slack it generates the emoji called :slightly_smiling_face:. I know because it always seems passive aggressive in the notification pop-up (because it displays emoji names without rendering). In Slack the two look similar but are not identical:

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You’re right! But turns out I’m not crazy. Slack initially used “simple_smile” and then changed it:

In that Twitter thread they suggest you can change it but I’m not seeing such a setting. Anyway, this is about Discourse not Slack. I just mistakenly thought Slack was a good role model for Discourse emoji-wise. :simple_smile:

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Hi Daniel,

I will fix this issue early next week.

We (Discourse team) are in France for our yearly team meetup right now. :fr:

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Hi again Daniel,

I just ran few commands and this issue is fixed now.

Let me know if you notice broken emoticons anywhere.

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Looks good!

Except for how smileys are still called “slight_smile” which totally bugs me. :slight_smile: ← genuine smile, not through gritted teeth or anything, as “slight smile” might imply. see what i mean here??

But I know this is a topic for and that @codinghorror has called a moratorium on emoji quibbles. (: