Spurious IFTTT Beemergency trigger?


I have an IFTTT trigger set up for any goal in a Beemergency:

and I noticed it has triggered for a goal that isn’t actually in one:

The other two goals actually are in the red, but drinks_triangle isn’t. The other two sent me an eep! email at 5:30 AM like I expect and drinks_triangle did not:

So Beeminder itself must know it isn’t in the red. But whatever hookup IFTTT is using must be sending different data?


It seems like this is only happening when the Do Less goal ends the day with less than the daily rate in the bank. For example, both times this has triggered I ended the day with hard cap 2 and my daily rate is 3.


Now I’m not as sure because last night I did not get a spurious IFTTT for drinks_triangle even though I’m using the loophole. Could it be a race condition between the IFTTT notifier and whatever mechanism gives the daily allotment of points to the goal?


Good theory, and thank you for the bug report! Tagging this for @bee as a possible #UVI. If you could also give us a sense of how urgent this is, that would help us too. (For example, any bug that could conceivably contribute to a derailment, like failure of eep reminders, we call “nightmare class” and bugs that generate false eeps are “wolf-crying class”, which can, sort of, indirectly cause derailments through desensitization, so also important.)

The impact of the bug is wolf crying as far as I can tell. However, this no longer impacts me personally since I moved all my Do Less goals to a second account as a workaround.