Some goals not showing up on dashboard

When I go to my user dashboard, a bunch of my goals aren’t showing up. But, I see them flash on the page for a second, and then they disappear.

Not sure what might be happening or why only some of my goals are doing this. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Some of the goals are marked for archive next week, but I know at least one isn’t.

Edit: Also mentioning that I’m just on my /username page, not filtering with tags.


Eek, if this started happening between 4 and 5pm pacific time then it must’ve been that broke something. I’m not seeing it on my own dashboard. But @bee’s rushing to the scene now. Thanks for reporting it!

eep, i must have introduced a bug today with the … what he said. Since you already confirmed you’ve not got any tags or # in the url, do you know how to open up the javascript console to look for error messages?


just for additional clarification – that uvi that @dreev linked to is to make this dark banner show up to tell you what tags we’re showing right now. Here’s an example from my own gallery with a – so it’s showing goals tagged “-” – except there aren’t any such goals.


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Ok, figured it out. I got some refactoring wrong and am now deploying a fix for this! Any tagged goals were not showing up in gallery view. I just have so dang many goals (and only a handful that were tagged, which I never use), so I didn’t notice at first, even when I knew what I was looking for…


Thanks a lot for fixing this! I experienced the same problem last night, but now everything is back in place. Thanks!