Disappearing goals?

Two goals (My “squats” and “pullups2” goals) have disappeared on me recently and turned out to be archived when I’d swear blind I didn’t archive them. I’ve now restarted them, but the loss of progress on them is annoying.

I did archive at least one other goal at roughly a week before these would have probably disappeared so it’s entirely possible that this was user error but:

  1. I was wondering if anyone else had seen the same thing recently in case this is an actual bug.
  2. I feel like it’s not made obvious enough in the UI that a goal is going to archive (especially on android which is most of where I’ll be looking at my goals) which would have allowed me to spot that this was going to happen if it was user error.

Sounds pretty worrisome. We’ll be super grateful for more evidence on this!

One thing that’s been throwing people off is that when a goal is frozen or completed the little hexagon [1] that normally expands/collapses the goal on the dashboard turns into a button to instantly archive the goal. That turns out to be a terrible idea, both because of accidentally clicking them and because some people (@nick kindly pointed this out originally) perceive them as indicators that those goals are already archived.

[1] Except on Firefox which still displays the hexagons as squares. :panda_face:

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I was wondering why everyone kept talking about hexagons.