Android App Forgot Some of My Goals Existed!

Just opened up the Android App to see why my data wasn’t synchronising. Most of my goals were gone! They couldn’t be searched, data were getting stuck after being submitted through the widgets and Tasker and TagTime pings weren’t getting sent through. A small subset of goals were just happily sitting there, working fine and reporting that the last sync was 2 minutes ago.

I signed out and signed back in and it looks like it’s working now, although all data that were trying to go through have been lost. I’m worried it will happen again, as I’m probably pushing the app to its limits, goal number wise. Hardly any goals are backburnered either because I got sick of pulling them out all the time for widgets, Tasker and TagTime integrations.

I am relieved that I don’t have to re-link all my TagTime tags or set up the widgets again. Those seem to have picked up where they left off, minus pending data submissions.

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Oh no! That’s terrible.

tagging for @saranli

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