Start on goal page with focus on Value field

Beginning to appreciate the new design, except for two features that I used very much in the old design that have now been removed.

  1. Goal Page used to include the last couple of items of the data list. Now, when I’ve been away from Beeminder and have been logged off, I need to select the Data tab to see the recent entries. This does not satisfy your pareto dominance goal.

  2. Also, and perhaps more importantly: When I visited my page in the old design, and was still logged in, focus would be in the Value field, so I could just begin typing to enter my latest score. In the new design, I have to select the field first.

Both bother me, and the 2nd one seems very easy to fix. Please do :slight_smile:

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Agreed! For #1, what do you think about switching to advanced entry?

That brings back the recent entries, at the expense of not having Today as default and needing to enter all data by hand. Also, I’m already frustrated that the Optional Comment is pre-populated with text I actually want ot reuse, but can’t. In Advanced Entry, the entire text field is a whole row of pre-populated data I can’t use.

Oh, do you know about the colon shortcut? There’s a link to “formatting help” at the top of the advanced entry box that explains such things. Probably advanced entry will be strictly superior once you’re used to it!

Not really though.

99% of the time, I enter a value for today, and 100% of the time, I enter an “optional” comment. Using Advanced Entry, I still need to set focus to the textbox (as on the form), and type a caret (form entry has today’s date by default), and enter spaces to separate the data fields, and put quotation marks around the optional comment, which I still can’t reuse even though it’s presented. That’s typing five extra characters compared to form entry (okay, four, since I tab from value to optional comment on the form).

Anyway, this topic started as a deeply felt wish to have either page (form or advanced) open with the focus on the data entry text box. That’s the way it was, and that’s also the primary purpose of either page: entering data. So changing them to have focus on the text field will be an important improvement.