Strava: no way to view selected "activities" after goal creation

When creating a Strava goal, you can choose what kind of activities Beeminder should log. (“I want to track ___, for these activities: ___”)

Setup: I created my exercise goal in April and intended to use it for runs and weight workouts.* Before today I’d only logged runs, but today I logged a “weight training” workout in Strava. I was initially confused when this didn’t load into Beeminder – until I looked back at the goal creation page, remembered I had selected “working out” data to be included, but not “weight training.”

My issue: Once I realized what the issue was, I looked for where the list of selected activities was on my goal page and could not find it. This was surprising, and seems like an issue – the activity list is an integral part of how the goal works, so I wouldn’t expect the information to disappear (from the user’s perspective).

In this case I was able to figure it out, but since there are several other pairs of similar / overlapping activities, I could see this causing confusion for others. (Possibly what this post from 2018 was about?)

* In retrospect this wasn’t very good goal design, since ‘runs’ and ‘weight workouts’ aren’t fungible. But it seemed like a reasonable way to economize on free goals when I created it.

Strava goal creation page, for reference:

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Ah! I filed this in the bug tracker.

We have been moving towards showing those setup details in either the goal settings, or in the side infobox.