Suggestions for Beeminding "focussed" time on

Hello all!

I don’t know if anyone else uses to block out distracting apps and websites, but basically I want to record how long I have spent “focussing” each day.

The app runs in the bg so I can’t use RescueTime. FocusMe’s app icon in the tray changes colour when focussing - so in theory I might be able to monitor for a change in that icon and then send a ping off to Beeminder? Does anyone know an app for that?

FM does produce a report of activity each day but it’s not in a terribly friendly format…



Ooo, I used to have this app when I was on Windows. I Beeminded it for a while too using TagTime, I think that would be your best bet. Eventually though, I decided to go hardcore and forced a block on all time-wasting websites for 672 hours (28 days) and didn’t need to Beemind it anymore. :laughing:

Looking at the daily reports (in C:/ProgramData/FocusMe/config/dailytracker), there does seem to be a “PomodorosToday” field. If you use the pomodoros feature, what you could technically do is write a script that searches for the “PomodorosToday=%d” field in the .log file and send the number to Beeminder at the end of the day. I would write this for you but I’m clueless on how to do any programming on Windows (Linux ftw!*) and still a huge Python noob :sweat:

If you don’t want to use TagTime or write that script, you could try emailing the developer. He was very responsive whenever I had problems, and something like this shouldn’t be too hard to implement (but he would be a Beeminder newbee, so it might be difficult).

*For those who want to know how to block distracting websites on Ubuntu/Linux (and maybe Mac?) check out this guide -


I wish Beeminder had an integration for Forest: Stay Focused! I also wish Forest: Stay Focused had a web interface as well as its Android interface. That would be amazing.


Oh, I have a Tasker task that does something very similar to Forest (without the pretty pictures) and submits data to Beeminder! I’ve been planning on making a post about it since I’m very proud of my creation, but Tasker only submits the data to Beeminder ~75% of the time and crashes the app the other 25% of the time :sweat: pinging @dreev and @bee again :smiley:

In some ways it’s better than Forest since it doesn’t let you go back on the time wasting apps until the timer’s up. I’ll make a post about it later tonight or tomorrow. :smile:

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