Suspected bug in 'clozeminder' clozemaster integration

I’m not sure if this is something to go here - but I’ve noticed some differences between what clozemaster says I’ve done in points, and what the clozeminder integration says - I’ve only just started tracking it, but it’s something I’ve noticed for a bit. The things I’ve tracked so far are here in an airtable spreadsheet, and I’ll continue to update. I’ve even timestamped the screenshots of clozemaster just incase it looks like I’m fibbing :wink: ( this was really more for the detail-oriented nerd in me - also an excuse to poke at airtable ).

Obviously it’s making it harder to do this goal, as not every datapoint seems to come through. The goal is my clozemaster-icelandic one.

If I could do anything to help sort this out, even look at the code, I’m happy to give it a go :slight_smile:



Ooh, thanks for the possible bug report! One point of confusion: did your score go down from Nov 4 to Nov 5? We didn’t think that was possible, at least not with the “total score” field that Clozemaster provides.

I’m recording score-per-day, rather than total score, as that’s easier to check against the data points that the integration provides - I just did less on Nov 5th. Hopefully that makes sense?

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Ok, that makes sense. Could the differences in the numbers have to do with day boundaries? Like if you get 100 points one day but Beeminder thought the day ended when you had 50 of them. So 50 today and the other 50 show up tomorrow.

If that’s true then the cumulative total would always match up. Is that the case? (In the Statistics tab under Goal Progress you can see the exact cumulative total points that Beeminder knows about.)

Thanks again for the debugging help here! Can we send you stickers? DM me your address if so!

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Ahhh, that looks like it’s the case! is there any way for me to update the timezone so it matches up? It’s pretty confusing and I have my timezone set to GMT+00:00 on both services!