Tagging data points

Right now I can add a comment when I report my data-points, but it could be awesome if I could also add tags and then compare the differently tagged data-points for my goal.

Example: I have a goal to read books, it is either quantified in Kindle points or in pages, but it would be nice if I could tag the entries as either kindle or book - they would still count the same for whether I reached the deadline or not this is entirely Quantified Self.

I don’t have an exercise goal, but if I had I would love to tag the exercise as group workout, running, at the gym, etc.

Right now I can use the comment, but there is no good way to compare different entries or sum up eg. time spent reading sources for a blog vs time spent writing it.

I admit this is a pretty big feature request, but I also believe it would be pretty valuable - enough, perhaps that it be made a premium feature (lots of places allow more detailed reports for premium members).

Even if you don’t have the time to do it in the near future if we can agree on what the format for tags should be (quick idea :tag-like-this) then we can start tagging the entries right now and when you get around to it the reports will still have our old data in them.


I think that enabling tagging by exposing it in the API and data exports is going to be easier than figuring out how to display a summary. Though if we make it possible in a standard way, then we’ll get more examples of what people use their tags for, which in turn will inform what any built-in reports should look like.

Here’s what I do: I manually tag some of my goals, in the comment. Then I periodically export the data and paste it into a spreadsheet that parses the comment looking for predefined #tags, summarizes and graphs the data.

This Excel snippet may be useful:


If you didn’t already know (and a lot of folks seem to miss the link!) there’s an All Data tab in each goal’s settings screen, also directly accessible from a link above and below the graph. (That’s the icon with 3 lines of data.) In the right-hand column there are links to export the goal’s data in comma-separated or tab-separated files.