Feature request: annotations to graphs

It would be cool and useful if you could add annotations to graphs, like you can do in Google Analytics. I’m including an image I found on the internet to better explain what I’m talking about. But this would be cool because:

  • You could make annotations, like “joined the gym” or “got a standing desk” or whatever. There would be a little thing on the graph to show that you left a comment on that day, and you could expand the comments below the graph, just like in Google Analytics and other platforms.
  • You could make one comment and have it show up on all your graphs. This way you could physically see if certain changes correlated with your graph going up or down sharply. I think this would be useful, especially if you have long term graphs. Sometimes it’s easy to forget these small changes that make big differences. I would love to, say, review my year and be able to see all these comments and how they may correlate with my RescueTime productive hours, for example.

Thanks for considering this request :wink:


Ooh, did you know about our hashtags feature? That’s in the direction of what you’re asking for, I think:

Here’s us putting it to use: