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I see there has been previous chatter about working on an iPhone implementation. Everything looks dead, so I am joining in by starting my own attempt. The current state of play has:

  • Prompts using notification centre according to the official ping schedule.
  • Notifications go through to the watch.
  • An application badge shows the number of missed pings.
  • The main view lists the history of pings, and the pings needing tagging
  • There is a VERY rough input method for adding tags

There is a lot on the development backlog, but I will, at some point, need testers. Let me know if you are interested. At a high level, there will be…

  • Beeminder integration
  • Charts

More importantly, I will need a name for it. TagTime is probably not allowable - suggestions welcome.




Ooh, wonderful! And I’d say the first iOS implementation can totally take the name TagTime if you want…

I don’t have an iPhone myself but I know tons of people who will be very excited about this. @mary is the first to come to mind. @apb would probably use it too.


“iTagTime”? (Although Apple probably won’t like that.)


OK, TagTime it is… I am now happy with the method of saving tags for a specific pingtime, and next weekend will do a bit of tidying up at which point I will be submitting a request to Apple to start early testing with TestFlight.


I’d be keen when you’re looking for beta testers.


TagTime for iPhone alpha-1 is with Apple for TestFlight release. To be part of the trial, please message me with your Apple ID, and I’ll add you.


CALL FOR TESTERS - please message me to get added to the TestFlight test distribution channel…

We are now up to alpha-4 for TagTime for iOS…

  • Seems most stability issues are addressed
  • Has a feature rich tag picker
    • Remembers previous tags for quick selection sorted by frequency of use
    • Allows quick entry of previous pings tags
    • Filters tag list by letters already entered
  • Implements the universal TagTime algorithm
  • Notifications when app not running
  • Exports in format compatible with the desktop TagTime

I have quite a backlog, with charting the next cab off the rank…

Testers will have a voice as to where I go next - iPad? Apple Watch? Categorisation of tags? Syncing between devices?

Please get in touch.


You might like to also post to the google groups list:!topic/tagtime/jKK0SbSCmME


Unable to send you a personal message, but I’m defo interested in testing it out; email is :slight_smile:


Hi, I sent you an email requesting your AppleID… Just checking that you received it. Cheers, David


Also unable to message you, but my Apple ID is


I’ve added you to the TestFlight invite. I would love to know what’s the problem with messaging, since I’ve received messages from some others.


By default, the forum software doesn’t let users send messages until they’ve had a certain amount of activity and posts.


Hello! Thank you very much for developing the app! Are there any news on its development since September?

If you need more testers, I am happy to participate!

My Apple ID:


@dpangier I’m game for testing as well, if this is still a thing. Is it?