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TagTime Survey Results


Tagtime Survey Results

Hello everyone! As promised we are sharing the first result of the TagTime survey with the community! Lots of interesting insights from your answers so far which we will summarise below.

TagTime Love & Hate

Most of you are very clear why you love Tagtime.

  • Top Reason: It allows you to analyze your time and replan
  • Runner Up: It makes tracking time effortless

On the other hand, you have a variety of challenges when using it. Here are a few that stand out:

  1. Tag Entry is not easy
  2. Synchronizing across devices is hard
  3. Installation and Management or as one response put it - lack of a non-nerdy version

TagTime Alternatives

On the other hand, almost a third of the respondents have found no good alternative to TagTime. RescueTime comes close, along with Toggl, followed by manual entry (stopwatch, time logs and so on)


Where are you?

While most TagTime users are from the USA, there are users in a variety of countries across the world.



A surprising majority of users are on the Andriod platform. This is useful because that means we will target an Android release early on - the first release is likely to be on the desktop simply because it’s easier for us to try out and test.


To Sum Up

Thanks to everyone for taking the survey so far. We will keep you all in the loop on progress and any ideas we have on the way forward. Looking forward to your opinions as we go ahead!

Wanted: An Idiot's Guide to Installing TagTime on a Windows Machine

Hey Everyone!

We’re getting close to an alpha for TagTime. Based on the survey results we think you’ll really like it (fingers crossed!).

It’ll have multiple device support, import old logs, will have much simpler entry, and be really simple/fun to use.

If you are someone who would like to join the alpha let me know. We’ll be ready soon.



Hi Charles,

Will everyone on the forum be able to get onto the alpha, or just those who responded to the survey? (I would have PM’d, but I don’t have privileges yet)



Hi @rjmcck!

If you can’t PM me yet I’d say the easiest way would be to just answer the survey and fill in your details at the end. I’ll make sure you get into the alpha.

Really sorry about the delay in answering! It’s getting hectic with the release coming up but I would be very happy to have you on the alpha as well.



Hi Everybody!

We are getting very close to an alpha release of desktop version of tagtime. Charles and I have been working very hard on it.
If you want to be on the alpha, you can either take the survey or just leave a message here.

If you have already answered the survey and shared your email we will be reaching out to you to find out your interest in participating in the alpha.



Yes, please.


Yes please! I want one!


Because I’m paranoid my survey response didn’t go through, I want to be in on the alpha! Very much so!


There will be a update of the Aloha soon.

Repeat last tags is very useful function is the feedback.

Apart from Projects, People, Place and Activities categories, we will be adding an Others category.



An updated Alpha has been sent to all users who subscribed to the Alpha.

More Seats available. Reply to this message if you want to participate.