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Take the Beeminder founders' money


if I understand this correctly, bee just derailed and I get $30. (I got up at 2 a.m. specifically to post this.)

[[confirmed! $30 paid to @ryubyss23!]]


hah! that actually worked! how do you pay out the money?


sptzero @ $30

[[confirmed! $30 paid to @chelsea!]]


eme derailed?

[[confirmed! $270 owed to @marcus_a_s!]]


sptzero again

[[confirmed! a second $30 to @chelsea]]





Support zero derailed?

[[confirmed! now $315 total owed to @marcus_a_s – sorry for the slowness with international money transfer!]]


sptzero again ayyy

[[confirmed $30 to @chelsea]]


Hi! Could you move from the list at the top to the Completed list? Thanks!


Support Zero!

[[confirmed! $30 paid to @nevan]]


Beemail, though it usually slips by



Support Zero again

[[confirmed! and paid to @nevan]]


Time for a new Hard Soon for me. This time around it’s some more infrastructure-related things that are kind of apropos:

S3: move our graph image storage out of the local file system and into amazon s3
LINODES: move staging to its own server & do other migration / upgrade tasks before / around linode scheduled maintenance in the next two weeks.


Is that support zero again?

[[confirmed! and paid]]


Can’t see the data on it, but it looks like S3/Linode fell off

[[confirmed! paid $5]]


Support zero derailed maybe? Is this how it works?

[[confirmed! paid $30]]


S3/Linode again

[[confirmed! paid $10]]


This procession of serial derailments is what I refer to as the ‘month of wasted awesomeness’, while the pledge builds up to a level that you pay attention to. For me, it’d be the biggest reason to sign up to Beemium, so that you can create goals that have a more immediate OMG factor.


S3 and Linode I think

[[confirmed! another $30 to @nevan; paid]]


Did b/sptzero derail on 10/21?

[[i just zoomed it in to check and it looks like no; must’ve eked by? @bee?]]