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Take the Beeminder founders' money


Same for me then, it appears. :slight_smile: Better (or worse) luck next time.


I’m going to wind my bupgrades goal down for now. This will probably become the Most Important Thing again in the future, but for now there are other things to work on, and I would appreciate a change of pace for a little bit!

My next hard-soon goal is weekends off: (not to be confused with my other goal called “weekends”, that reminds me to manually schedule weekends off for myself every friday…).

I anticipate that this one will be short-lived as it’s a fairly constrained topic?


For posterity, that was 277 hours in the last 6 months upgrading and improving infrastructure. Nice work, @bee!


Awesome! Although I do hope it ends up more general than that. I have weekends-only goals too, and different people have different work weeks, etc. :slight_smile:



It does seem boggling. I guess the category of “infra” was quite broad. For example, it included work on the admin interface to make helping y’all in support easier. And any code refactoring, etc. And upgrading libraries for autodata integrations… Cf



[[PAID $30]]


Looks like there was a weekends off derailment… ?
[[confirmed; paid $15]]


I think derailed?
[[confirmed! $30 paid to arakat]]


In particular it looks like it derailed on a Sunday. If only the goal had weekends off!

I’ll see myself out.


@bee had actually scheduled the weekend off which then got clobbered with the last derailment because she also turned on no-mercy. :slight_smile: She was tempted to cry non-legit but I think @drtall captures perfectly why we need to suck it up and pay @arakat!


Is support zero derailed?

[[confirmed! $30 paid to marcus_a_s]]


So… I actually did zero support yesterday, just under the wire, but then I messed up the datapoint, and didn’t notice the error until hours later when I tried to navigate away from the page.

But, I definitely didn’t do it today, so I guess we should just count yesterdays as a legit derail? @dreev?


:frowning: :exclamation:

[[eked by per fine print item #4]]


I’m trying annotations to keep track of the bounties we pay out. With my admin powers I can do that. Let me know if that feels icky to have your posts edited. I’m using double brackets to make it obvious where the admin annotations are.

And reminder that it’s always encouraged to post first when the deadline hits and ask questions later! Btw, I was confused myself by the meta/infra derail since the flat spot made it look like a derailment had actually happened. But it’s actually a coincidence – we scheduled flat spots on everything for the upcoming week because we’re taking a bike trip!

#168 looks like it derailed?

(I suppose living in a European timezone gives me a bit of an advantage… But I’m greedy enough not to care :stuck_out_tongue: )

[[confirmed! $90 paid to arakat]]


Declaring b/mit-weekends finished! So, next Most Important Thing for me to work on is the premium revamp:


Did mit-premium derail?

[[confirmed! $15 owed to marcus_a_s]]


And mit-premium again, I believe? Although you seem to generously have included that in your comment above already.

In any case: thank you.


Aand support zero is shown as derailed, but not recommited yet – may eke by still?



I finished support earlier today but got distracted by kids before entering my datapoint… Looks like Danny noticed and updated for me. Sorry for flakiness!