Did y'all scrap the 10 freebee goals for $1?

I don’t blame you. Just curious.

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Affirmative. (It’s actually more complicated than that because back then the notion of a “freebee” was different, namely, a goal that had an initial pledge of $0. Now all goals can start at $0 if you want, but of course you now need a premium plan to create unlimited goals.)

The closest thing you can do now to buy some extra free goals is to add the Infinibee plan at $4/month and then immediately cancel it again. That will get you one month of unlimited goals, and they don’t go away or anything when the month is over.

So in that sense it’s a better deal, maybe? $3 more for all the goals you can create in a month.

Thanks for asking about this!

It is a much better deal for anyone cheesy enough to game the system. I just have to anticipate all possible future goals, create them with stub info and a weekly rate of 0. Oops, I’ve said too much. :smiley:

Seriously though Beeminder is worth 50 beans a year, so no quibbles here.