Timerdroid and minutes and hours

Hi, I’m still pretty new with Beeminder so not sure if this is covered elsewhere. Most of my goals up till now have been activity counts or hours so it hasn’t been an issue but I recently added a meditation goal where I wanted to hit 10 minutes a day. I thought I’d use the timerdroid to measure that. When creating my goal the y axis is named as minutes but after entering some datapoints with the timerdroid it became obvious it was actually measuring hours because the decimal numbers mean the graph barely moved. It’s pretty easy to just multiply my timerdroid results by sixty to create larger numbers so it satisfies the graph but I’m pretty sure someone else must’ve had this issue, or I pressed a button wrong somewhere that meant my graph didn’t work properly? Any ideas anyone? Thanks!


You did everything right.
You can currently only have a time goal in hours :frowning:

You’ll just get good at remembering that 10 min is 0.166 of an hour.

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Yeah, it’s probably best to convert your meditation goal to hours. At the bottom of Terrifyingly Advanced Settings there’s an option to do that, namely, rescaling your goal by 1/60. After that the timer in the Android app will do the right thing.

Also if you set your goal units (in Basic Settings) to “hours” then recent datapoints will be displayed in HH:MM:SS format.

Finally, even if a goal is in hours you can still enter, say, 10 minutes as 00:10. More on data entry shortcuts in the FAQ.


Somewhere around here we have a forum thread on “what would awesome support for timey wimey goals look like”, but I can’t seem to be able to dig it up…


Thanks a lot guys! Appreciate the help.

IMHO it would be great if they counted in seconds because then they would be integery just like all of my other goals[1].

[1] Well, except weight loss. I’m tempted to stop Beeminding my weight so I don’t have to make this exception anymore haha.


Weigh yourself in grams.