Does the Beeminder Tasker timer count in hours?

I recently set up a Tasker profile that starts and stops the timer when entering and leaving an app.

The data was successfully submitted, but it was less than 0 even though it was a good few minutes. Does this mean that it is submitted in hours?

My goal is measured in minutes. So is there a way to submit in minutes? Would a workaround be to use RescueTime?

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If you are using Tasker how I think you are, then you’re using the Beeminder app’s timer and that does count in hours. If you are using a timer within Tasker I don’t know the details.

If you are willing to switch the goal from minutes to hours, you can do so via the bottom-most option on Terrifyingly Advanced settings (multiply all the data points by 1/60.)

Personally I wish all the time-tracking goals were in seconds so we could use integery on them but that’s another can of worms. :slight_smile: