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iOS In-App Timer


Is there a way to upload minutes as the datapoint for the in-app timer now on iOS? Right now, it’s showing fractions of an hour, I think. I want Beeminder to count the number of minutes I did a task and load that as a datapoint. Any suggestions/workarounds?


If your goal’s y-axis includes the string “minutes” or “mins” the timer will report in minutes, instead of the default, which you correctly inferred is hours. You can update the y-axis in the goal’s settings tab.


Thank you so much!


What do you mean with in-app timer? Is it an App in the app store? Or is it a Feature of the IOS you use?


From the goal screen in the Beeminder iOS app, you can tap the timer icon in the upper right which will bring up a screen that lets you start/stop a timer and then add the time elapsed as a datapoint to that goal. This is useful if, for example, you have a goal to track the time you spend reading - you could run the timer while you read and then enter the datapoint after you’re done.


You can also give beeminder the datapoint as e.g. 00:15 and it’ll convert it to 0.25 hours for you.