Timing of "do less" reminders?

I’m getting “eep” emails on two goals today, but the timer on the graph says they aren’t going to derail until tomorrow at midnight. They’re set like this:

“Start reminding me at 09:30am when I have 0 days until derailing at the deadline of 00:00am.”

Meanwhile, “1 Day 5 Hours 52 Mins 7 Secs until derailment (by 00:00)”

What am I missing? These emails are kind of pointless - the day’s not over so I can’t enter a final total for today yet. When I really need them is tomorrow to remind me to add retrospective data for today before it’s too late.

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Personally, I gave up on it and moved all my Do Less goals to a second account with all reminders disabled. So you can still use IFTTT for “any goal” and it won’t include your Do Less.

I just deleted 8 incorrect “eep” emails. This isn’t great ):