Todoist integration issues/downtime (2024-01-11)

Hiya folks! Due to a bug* or change in Todoist’s API, most Todoist-linked goals just lost data from the past week and/or derailed. This was totally unexpected on our side, and we’re doing our best to get everything back on track.

We are assuming all recent Todoist derailments are non-legit and canceling them (and any that happen before the issue is fixed), but we can’t do an automatic fix on the graph (all graphs are unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all-fix). If your goal derailed and it needs fixing up, please contact support and we’ll sort that out once we (and/or Todoist) have fixed the data issue.

We’re emailing users with active Todoist goals a similar message, and working on getting folks’ data back in place in a way where the goals won’t break if Todoist fixes the problem.

*Their API doesn’t seem to be responding the way it used to. When we ask for items completed “since” a time, we’re only getting items completed before that time. When we ask for items completed “until” a time, we’re only getting items completed after that time. :confused:


Have you turned off the api? Because now no new data is arriving at my goals, even with zero data points.

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Could you quickly add in an option to immediately pause any goals that use todoist? Otherwise I’ll have to delete them. I’m also new btw, started this week, so I don’t know of any better way other than delete.

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All should be ok again now - looks like we’re getting the right data back from Todoist. We paused all the Todoist goals once we worked out their was a problem with their API, but now they should be back online. If you’re still seeing problems with one of your graphs, please let us know by emailing us in Support!


Yup, I’ve now un-paused the goals and patched up the data from the window in which it got messed up, so things should look like they’re back to normal now, but do let us know if you run into anything else with them!