Todoist problem

Hi there,

I have a problem with the connection to Todoist. I try to create a new goal linked with todoist. It asks me to connect the accounts, which I do. I checked afterwards, I have a linked account in Beeminder as well as in Todoist itself, so it seems to be working.

I want to monitor progress on a specific project, so on the create goal page, I select “projects/labels” … and then nothing happens. I had expected to see a selection of my todoist projects or something, but just nothing happens.

I checked the developer tools and under network I see a request to “” and its response is “{“error”:“not authorized”}”. So it seems there is something wrong with the connection between the accounts or with the todoist integration itself.

I disconnected the accounts, both on Beeminder and Todoist side and tried again multiple times, always with the same result.

Anyone know what else I can do? I am at a loss here…



Hi Plotin!

I was just coming here to post on the forum myself – we’ve been investigating this today and trying to figure out what’s going on, as it affects everyone (preventing new goals from working and breaking existing ones). It seems that Todoist have turned off part of the service we use to authenticate (I may not be using the right terms here). Adam’s currently working on making it possible to re-authenticate, and if folks need to do anything proactively, we have plans to email you!

In the meantime, if anyone’s close to derailing, please email and we can put in a break until the 27th (though I expect we’ll fix it today).


If folks want to re-auth now, it should work and stay functioning this time! Testing it out on a goal of mine looked good, but if you have any issues, hit up and let us know.

We’re emailing folks with affected goals, as well.


Thanks so much for reporting this!

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