Toggl integration syncing - how long does it take?

Early this morning I did my “paper reading” time and logged it in Toggl Track, which feeds into my Beeminder goal katriel/reading using the standard Toggl integration (if I recall correctly). I’m still showing in the red on katriel/reading, even after refreshing the goal screen on iOS.

How does the Toggl syncing process work? Does it happen at a specific time of day? At a specific interval? If I do my reading right before the deadline, will I derail?


I am not 100% sure, but this post is relevant: Request: Refresh external data before sending beemergency notice - #2 by dreev. It’s supposed to refresh the data before derailing you.

I always manually refresh the goal using the “refresh autodata” button (dunno if this is there on iOS) because it annoys me.

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It is my understanding the iOS app doesn’t currently trigger an autodata refresh when you hit the refresh button. (The Android app does.)

Autodata is always fetched at the deadline (among other times).

I do not think there are any autodata integrations besides Zapier/IFTTT/Make that push data directly to Beeminder. Some could, like Strava, but many upstream providers don’t offer it.

(As a slight aside, for other folks reading this, we’ve had reports lately that Toggl has had some instances where it took longer than expected for Toggl data to be served out of their API, and it was seen both with Zapier and Beeminder. That isn’t the problem anyone is talking about here, but if someone searches based on the title, it could be what they’re running into.)