Toggl: track "billable" hours?

(This is kind of a trivial concern, but the fix might also be trivial so it seemed worth checking.)

I just started testing out Toggl for time tracking. The most natural category to start beeminding seemed like “billable hours” – it’s a single yes / no button that’s easily pressed when creating any task on Toggl, which matches perfectly with “worthwhile / not worthwhile to include in beeminder tracking.”

So I was mildly disappointed when I went to create my goal and didn’t find a way to track billable hours – “just” projects, tags, and clients. (And “billable” doesn’t seem to show up as a tag.)

This is mostly solved by just making sure all my billable hours consistently fall into one of those categories – but it’s a bit of extra unwanted overhead from the otherwise perfect-seeming, easy to use abstraction of “billable vs not.”

[My solution for now is to count all time in my in certain “clients”, as well as the “billable” tag which I can manually add to any entry. This is an almost perfect solution, aside from sometimes requiring a few extra clicks to redundantly convey the same information twice.]


update: My free toggl trial just ended, and it turns out the “billable hours” button is a paid-tier feature (this was not clear to me before). So now I’m glad I was tracking a separate “billable” tag the whole time, and I mostly-retract my suggestion :sweat_smile: