Tolerance zero with GTBee app

For a goal to curb my being often late for meetings and apointments, I wish to impose on myself a tolerance zero policy. I could set up Beeminder to derail each and every time I am late. But I prefer to use the todo app GTBee in conjunction with the Beeminder goal. GTBee is an app created by the pholks at Beeminder and perfectly integrated with it. Research shows that a fine is most effective if it is high enough to motivate a change and if it is applied to EVERY instance of the undesired behavior. Therefore if I am late again, I report the fact in GTBee, in effect setting it a a goal I know will fail, choosing a short time line, say 10-15 minutes, and a motivating $ amount. I then use the time left to research ways to improve my strategies, learning how to go about the art of being on time, deciding on changes to implement to get better at it. The time is soon over and I watch the fine being activated! This process has been most effective. Iā€™m now almost always 15 minutes early for my appointments!